Watch A Totally Stock McLaren MP4-12C Dominate The Quarter Mile In 10.5 Seconds

A lot of people think of McLaren's MP4-12C as some sort of rolling science project. That may be true, but it's also the fastest science project you've ever seen.

Here, a totally stock 12C takes on the quarter mile and posts some truly amazing numbers.


0 to 60: 2.9 seconds. 0 to 100: 5.9 seconds. 60 to 130: 6.6 seconds. 1/4 mile time? 10.55 at 134.56 MPH. That's ridiculous, especially for a stock street car on road tires.

And then you can drive it home with nary a worry or care. It's a triumph of engineering and technology. Crazy.

UPDATE: The full test of the car was run over at Pretty cool stats and reports. Check it out here.

(Hat Tip to Saracen!)

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