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I’ve never seen anything else that epitomizes the spirit of Hoon of the Day so well as Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham’s attempts (plural) to hoon a Polaris RZR. Between the safety-third setup with no brakes and the total unwillingness of Wheelz to get discouraged by a pesky little roll, this is an epic hoon reel.

Wheelz was born with spina bifida and usually rolls in a wheelchair, so he doesn’t have use of his legs to drive. He’s more known for pulling rad wheelchair stunts like this:

Normally, there’s a device that controls both the brakes and the throttle that would allow him to drive anything that’s set up like a regular automatic-transmission car. The Nitro Circus crew didn’t have that, so they opted to duct tape a stick to the RZR’s important pedal—the throttle—only.


As a result, fellow professional stunt-hoon Travis Pastrana guesses that Wheelz flew about 80 feet off a 40-foot jump.

But man, you just can’t fault this man’s inability to get discouraged. If the RZR rolls, he just goes again until the seat mount breaks. That is what makes him a classic, grade-A hoon.

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