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Six months ago this steroidal Polaris RZR blew our minds jumping through buildings and over trains in XP1K3. Turns out they had to have quite a few epic fails before nailing all those stunts.

The RZR, which is an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) known as a Side-by-Side (SxS) and/or UTV (Utility Task Vehicle), is really best described as a pint-sized off-road buggy with a ridiculous amount of power and suspension travel.


Here’s the complete XP1K3 video:

RJ Anderson, the maniac behind the wheel of XP1K3 and the preceding XP1K2 and XP1K vids, is said to be the most talented pilot in this relatively new vehicle class. But even (especially?) at this level, if you’re not crashing, you’re not going hard enough.

Looks like Anderson and the filmmakers at Mad Media went hard enough.

“More than a year of planning went into the development and execution of the ‘XP1K3’ campaign. It took the build team of 15, more than a month to weld, stack, cut, bend and fabricate the custom playground with multiple obstacles. The Mad Media crew of 40 then spent 14 days on location battling dust, rust, rain, mud and fog to capture each of their incredible imagined obstacles,” the company announced with this “behind-the-scenes” video.


UTVs have surged in popularity since they’re easy to buy and build, and might even be cheaper than a comparable car. Check out this guide to what these vehicles cost and how to start racing them yourself.

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