Watch A Guy Lose His Mind When A Woman Leaves Her Infant In A Car To Buy Video Games

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A pedestrian in the parking lot of a Gamestop in Richmond, California lost his shit on video when he discovered a woman left her baby in her car to buy video games.


About a week ago, a lady left a three months old baby in her car in front of Gamestop, KTVU reports. Manny Williams, who was walking by, happened to notice the child, and berated the mother for putting her child at risk.

Here’s Williams’ recording of the encounter:

The video opens right away with Williams yelling: “She’s in Gamestop while her baby is in the car crying.”

He went on: “She’d rather get a video game than taking care of her baby that’s in the car by itself, crying on a hot day.”

That’s when the lady came out, rolled her windows up, and went back into the store. Williams was in disbelief, exclaiming: “She done rolled up all the windows now to go back in while the baby is in the car by itself!”

KTVU reports that the Richmond police later dropped by the lady’s home and asked her about the incident. Her response was that her car was on, and her air conditioning was keeping the cabin cool for the baby.

Still, Lieutenant Felix Tan told the news station: “No matter what, it’s never smart to leave your engine running with your kids in the car.”


Tan went on to criticize the man who recorded the video, saying: “If a person was there and actually saw the kids that were in dire need of help, I would certainly hope that instead of filming, let’s lend a hand.”

Janette Fennell, founder of child safety group, also chimed in on the matter, telling KTVU:

You listen to what he’s saying - it sounds a little bit like he’s harassing her, but it probably would have been time better spent calling 911 and getting a professional there who could intervene and decide what to do about the situation...But you should never leave children alone in cars.


That’s harsh criticism for someone who seems to have done his best to convince the mother to take her child out of the car. Still, Williams maintains that he did call 911 first, and that he doesn’t mind the criticism, saying:

Honestly, I really don’t care because I know in my heart what I did, you know? And I’m going to get blessings from God one way or the other for doing the right thing...I wasn’t one of those people that you see just walk past and turn the other way or ignore it, ‘it’s not my problem.’


The incident is still under investigation, and authorities are trying to figure out if they want to file charges.

Come on, lady! That car could have an exhaust leak for all you know! Just carry the baby into the store and maybe buy it something like Grand Theft Auto or whatever it is people buy their young children these days. That’s not too hard, is it?


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Are you kidding me with this woman? Fuck people like this. That is absolutely unacceptable not only as a parent, but as a decent human being. I hope she stands near a mustang at the next cars and coffee.