At this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ford ran an interesting experiment: they had a Gran Turismo 6 player race the revised 2015 Ford Focus ST against pro driver and former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins in the real thing.


It was close. Collins won the race by a mere tenth of a second, which was an impressive showing by GT6 player Krisztián Somodi. Unfortunately, Ford did not put out the video that showed their runs side-by-side.


They still haven't, but one of our friends at Ford of Europe dug out a video of one of the practice runs between the two, which is what you can see here. It may not be the final, official result, but it's interesting to see how an ace gamer and a pro driver approach the same task in their respective arenas.

They should switch off next time. That would be something to watch.

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