Watch A Foul-Mouthed Guy Get His Car Run Over By A Tornado

We’ve run dashcam videos of some pretty insane things, but I think this is the first time we’ve seen a dashcam video, from the driver’s viewpoint, of a stationary car getting engulfed by a tornado, like a colossal amoeba engulfing some microscopic sandwich or whatever they eat. It’s pretty alarming to see, but refreshing to know that “fuck” is used the same way in German as in English.


The video was shot in the Lower Rhine area of Germany, where the driver of the car wisely stopped when he realized he was about to drive right into a freaking tornado. Here, watch:

Oh, yeah, it looks like the last half of this video shifts to another shot of the tornado. The car didn’t get blown into an apartment building.

David Tracy, our captive German-speaker, says that a lot of what this guy is saying is not German at all, but some language he doesn’t recognize. Anyone know what it is?

Anyway, if you were thinking it might be a pretty good time to drive through a tornado, maybe watch this and reconsider.

Or not. You do you,buddy!

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