Watch A Ford Mustang Mach-E And A Tesla Model Y Go Head To Head

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Screenshot: The Fast Lane Car

While Tesla is often recognized as one of the automakers at the forefront of electric sedan production, plenty of challengers have arisen to mount a challenge. Today, we’re going to see how a Ford Mustang Mach-E fares when compared to the Tesla Model Y.

This 25-minute video comes from The Fast Lane Car on YouTube. In it, father and son duo Roman and Tommy pick apart the pros and cons of both cars to come up with a winner.

One of the initial hangups the two men have to get past is Ford’s unfortunate naming. The Mach-E isn’t a Mustang, not the way we’ve come to culturally understand a Mustang. I’m noting it because one of my pet peeves is getting too caught up in a car’s name and not its actual performance, but in this case, I do kind of understand it. Ford beefed the name, and now the Mach-E is forever going to be compared to an ICE Mustang, which does not help the car.


Anyway, onto the video:

I’ll let you watch how they came to the conclusion, but both cars are pretty damn good—it just depends on how you want to use it. The Tesla Model Y, for example, is deemed to be the better electric vehicle while the Mach-E is said to be a better all-around car.


The main impression I get is that Ford has some catching-up to do, which doesn’t really surprise me. While the brand has a lot more long-term experience in the car-making world, its focus hasn’t been solely on electric cars, which are what define Tesla’s entire purpose.

But if you’ve been wondering how these two machines compare, look no further. You’ll get a step-by-step breakdown of everything from storage to technology to efficiency to help you decide which one you prefer.