Watch A Ferrari Rally Car Tackle Snow Like A Subaru

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This is the 1982 Monte Carlo Rally. It was a largely dry event, but it did have its snow-covered Alpine roads, and it also had a Ferrari 308.

The car was run by Jean-Claude Andruet, who'd been campaigning the car successfully since the 1981 season. In '82, Andruet managed a second place at the later Tour of Corsica and ended up winning the Italian Rally Championship for the year, held mostly on pavement, but also on dirt and gravel. There were a number of Ferrari rally cars, and this one put out some 310 horsepower and weighed just 1000 kilos, as this excellent entry on the Special Stage forums states.


Sadly, Andruet retired from the Monte, but it was fantastic just to see the car sideways as can be, V8 roaring away.

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

I wish I could turn off the French and just hear the cars.