Watch A Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta Get Impounded Off The Streets Of London

If you are lucky enough to own one of the 499 Ferrari 458 Speciale Apertas ever produced, you’re probably familiar with its price—over $650,000. You probably also know that you need insurance to make it legal to drive on most public streets, a requirement that got one 458 driver in trouble in London earlier this month. That driver’s lack of insurance got his 458 plucked right from the streets.

According to the Daily Mail, this all went down in the London district of Mayfair on Feb. 4. While attempting to park it, the driver of the car also managed to block traffic, inviting some attention from police. Police then found that the driver, who was not identified, wasn’t insured, according to a statement given by authorities to the Daily Mail, leading to the car’s seizure. A witness said that a Porsche 918 was also on the scene, driven by the father of the Ferrari’s driver.

An onlooker captured some video of the seizure, which was made using a device that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before:

I’m wondering what the insurance premium might be on a Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta; Rory McIlroy recently said on The Grand Tour that he paid a $25,000 per year premium on an unspecified model of Ferrari that he bought after winning his first professional golf tournament when he was 19. I’m guessing the 458 Speciale is a bit more expensive.


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TheDudeAbides_(version 2.0)

When the crime is essentially “inconveniencing the public” (blocking traffic, because if he hadn’t blocked traffic the cop never would have checked his insurance), and then the execution of the punishment for said crime is actually more inconvenient to the public than the crime itself, was it worth enforcing? I say no.

Also, if this guy could afford the Ferrari, I’m sure he has assets that can be seized to pay any debts he incurs from any at-fault wrecks he causes with said car.