Watch a driverless car do backwards donuts

They say that driverless cars are the future. Well, I'm glad to see that we can look forward to a golden age of driverless donuts a well. Unlike the crazy insurance claims we'll be dealing with in decades to come, it's easy to pick out the hoon in this video, and it's not the old-T-bird that's spinning itself.


The real hoon is actually the responding fire captain Chris D'Amico, who jumped into the car through the passenger side and brought it to a stop. In a world of iron horses, it looks like there are still cowboys out there corralling cars.

The old Thunderbird got going when the driver got out to switch seats with the passenger, reports NBC News Philadelphia, and then the passenger got injured trying to jump back in to stop the car himself. That's when they called 911, much to the befuddlement of the local authorities.


Thanks, Jersey, for giving us a brief, bizarre look into the ghost donuts future of cars.

(Hat tip to @TheDailyHoon!)

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Ghost ride tha whip.