Watch A Dingus Crash A Million Dollar Porsche 918 In A Parking Lot

A million bucks buys you a lot of car with the Porsche 918 Spyder. But that doesn’t mean you can’t crash it in a parking lot like it was a $500 Saturn.


This was recorded in Saint-Tropez, Nikki Beach specifically. At least that’s what the original posting of this Instagram video states, uploaded by ‘St Tropez Russian Blog’ @kristina_lifetime.


Let’s watch those highlights again in another GIF, for good measure.


Here’s the full caption, omitting the Russian and French-language versions of the same text.

ENG: #Beach #lifein #StTropez # SanTrope. #Today at Nikki #Beach, #Russian, defeated#sportsCar #Porsche. Many attention of others turned the heads of#RussianGysso that he does not fit into the rotation, and thank God knocked bardyur, not passers-by.


The details of the crash are particularly unclear. Does this shirtless man own this Porsche 918? Is he off his mind on drugs or booze, or is he a blowhard even when sober?

No one was hurt in the incident, though things between this guy and his companion seem somewhat heated after the wreck, and the guy’s status with security seems in poor health as well.


Even one of the fastest, safest cars ever made can still crash into a parked car with a moron behind the wheel.


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Wow. Its a shame you don’t need to pass a test to operate a vehicle with that kind of horsepower. You know, the same way you do when you operate a vehicle that weighs a shit load.