Watch a criminal stop at Taco Bell in the middle of a police chase

A 21-year-old Michigander fleeing a minor speeding ticket managed to outrun the police in a high speed chase, but not before stopping at Taco Bell. He totaled his car, but he got away and is still on the lam.

When the 21-year-old suspect was caught speeding in Walled Lake, Mich., he tried to duck out of sight into a Taco Bell drive-thru hoping the police wouldn't notice or at least comprehend he was making a run for the border. The police officer didn't buy it.


Rather than face a roadside arrest, the young man took one good look at the cop then took off. The police officer reports traveling at 83 mph trying to catch the guy, but the 21-year-old still managed to pull away. Apparently, an old Pontiac can hit 100 mph.

Before crashing his car on the lawn of Walled Lake Elementary School, the suspect took out a road sign and four street lights, one of which caught fire.

Even with a K-9 Unit from the county sheriff's department, the cops haven't found the driver and he is yet to turn himself in, though his father has an attorney waiting for him. As a probable Taco Bell enthusiast perhaps it's best to check the toilets.

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