Watch A Colorado Chopper Pilot Charge $1,200 For A Flood Rescue

The bridge was out at Sylvandale Ranch, Colorado over the weekend thanks to drastic flooding. The water had taken out several building and was threatening more. People were injured. One helicopter pilot could get people out, but it was going to cost them $1,200.


That's the story given by Stanley Tolle in this video "Colorado Flood, Greedy Chopper Pilot." Tolle says that a flight would take just five minutes to get people to safety, but it wouldn't be cheap.

Here is Tolle's description in full.

Stranded at Sylvandale Ranch, Chopper Pilot takes advantage of the situation by demanding $1200 per person to evacuate injured person and others. Bridge washed out, several buildings lost. Person injured trying to save items in building washing into river.

To say the least, this is not the kind of behavior you wish for when it comes to disasters.

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