Watch A Chevy Truck's Differential Explode, Why Not

In some ways, it's hard not to feel bad for this Chevy C/K (you know, like Louis) truck. It's out there, pulling with all its heart against what I first thought/hoped was a hearse but then I realized must be a camper-topped truck, when its front diff finally has enough and expires, loudly and surprisingly flamefully.

What's equally amazing is the reaction of the crowd, who is, collectively, beside themselves with unrepentant joy. You can't see the faces of the hooting, cheering people, but I'm imagining a lot of eyes wide with glee, tears of joy streaming down faces unashamedly.

The Beautiful Ecstasy of the Blown Diff will be remembered fondly and discussed often, I'm sure.


(Thanks, Michael Berenis!)

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Raphael Orlove

I wish I was there. I will still tell my children stories of watching this youtube clip alone, weeping openly and uncontrollably.