Being inverted is pretty sweet in Top Gun, but sucks hard in a race car. Sunday’s WeatherTech Sports Car Championship race at Mosport ended with this topsy turvy crash. The No. 52 Ligier LMP2 of PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports slid off track, into a tire wall and bounced back out onto its roof.

It sort of looks like a pancake getting flipped over. A big LMP2-shaped pancake. (Honestly, I prefer real, non-car pancakes because getting flipped on your roof is the worst.)


Rain started pouring with just four minutes to go in the race, and got really intense with only a little over a minute left. No. 52 driver David Ostella was left hanging upside-down, which always makes getting out of the car the worst. Fortunately, he eventually fumbled out of the upside-down car and was fine after the big hit.

The GTLM-class winner in the No. 25 BMW M6 GTLM also went off around the same spot right after the crash but easily pulled his car back onto the track. The race ended under a yellow flag to let crews clean up the No. 52 crash.

Either way, it’s crazy how easily this car bounces onto its roof after digging into the tire wall. That being said, it’s better to try and wrangle yourself out of an upside down car than have your car crumple against a hard wall.

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