Watch A Canadian Highway Sign Bend Like Crazy In The Wind

It seems that while the rest of the world has been sleeping, secretive Canadian technologists have managed to apply Dancing Flower Pot technology to large highway signs.


This wildly jammin' highway sign is on the Deerfoot Trail freeway section of Highway 2 near Calgary. I especially like how drivers are hitting their brakes right as they see it, because who the hell wants to drive under that? Actually, that prudence is warranted, as at the end of the video, half the sign plummets to the ground.

Some claim weird, violent weather is to blame, but my practiced eye can spot a robot highway sign jamming to some tunes (possibly culled from passing cars' iPhones?) a mile away.


First dancing highway signs, then highway signs that jump, and next thing you know, the world is Canada's slave, as their army of highway signs threatens to dance us all into submission.

God help us all.

(Hat tip to Steve!)

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Holy resonance, Batman! In both cases, a sign of engineering mistakes.