Watch A BMW Racer Blast From 17th To 4th In A Single Lap

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There’s a trick to this BMW and you’ll get it once you hear it.

Petrolicious spotted this video from the racing family of Team Botspeed in their March BMW M1 shooting up from 17th to 4th on the opening lap of the recent Youngtimer vintage race at Hockenheim.

What is a March BMW M1? It’s a racing version of BMW’s first midengine super sports car, put together by legendary British team March of F1 in the ‘70s and the Lobster endurance prototype fame.

This particular car isn’t all BMW, though, as Botspeed explains in a comment on this video asking if this was a rare 1000 horsepower twin-turbo straight six prototype:

The March M1 was designed for the inline 6 biturbo. The engine was not ready yet when the car was completed and therefore a ‘regular’ M1 Procar engine was installed. This car was campaigned with the Procar engine at Sebring and Daytona in 1980. It then became apparent that the biturbo would never come because BMW switched it’s focus to F1 and the 4 cylinder turbo development. This car was then equipped with several Chevrolet V8 small blocks for the rest of the 1980 season up to 1983. The BMW and Chevrolet engines where swapped regularly. The last engine, as used in the 1983 IMSA Miami Grand Prix and seen in the video, is a 540hp Chevrolet.


So all you need to do to get a BMW to win is get someone else to make the car and swap out the engine. Sounds good to me!