Watch A 750 Horsepower RX-7 Destroy A New Zealand Mountain

When most people think of New Zealand, they think mountains and hobbits. If you don't count the hobbits though, all you're left with is mountains. And mountains mean one thing - fantastic roads.

Red Bull driver Mike Whiddett set upon one of those with his custom quad-rotor (!!!) Mazda RX-7 that pumps out somewhere around 750 horsepower. Just remember - each rotor in a Wankel engine is approximately three cylinders, so it's got the equivalent of a V-12 under the hood, albeit a very compact one.


There's some fantastic tire shredding here as Whiddett shreds up the mountain, along with that BRAP-BRAP-BRAP of the rev limiter. Just try to ignore the music and enjoy the dorifto.


As always, there is some fantastic cinematography for all you camera geeks. Now if only they'll set him loose in a city, Gymkhana-style.

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