Gymkhana 5: Ken Block Drifts The Streets Of San Francisco

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It looks like Gymkhana 5 is finally here, with all the San Francisco-shredding goodness we expected. Jump drifts? Check. Cable car drifts? Check. Travis Pastrana drifts? Check.

After the Hollywood gorilla fest that was Gymkhana 4 it's fitting he should go back to something more like Gymkhana 3 that has both a sense of place and focuses on Block's immense driving skills.


Is it the best Gymkhana yet? Maybe. But there's no doubt in my mind that this is the best Gymkhana sequel to date and the best car scene set in San Francisco since a guy named Steve McQueen drove around in another uniquely styled Ford.

"San Francisco was absolutely amazing for Gymkhana," said Block. "It's such a unique location for this kind of driving and allowed me to do some things that I never thought I'd ever be able to incorporate into one of my Gymkhana videos-like jumping a table top or doing a jump drift! I'm stoked with how this project turned out and I'm truly a lucky bastard to have been able to do the things I was able to do on the streets of San Francisco. To all of the residents and people who allowed us to make this happen, thank you!"

Now you know why all those tire tracks are everywhere. Come sail away with me.