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Ken Block Drifts On A Barge In Gymkhana 5

Look! It's Ken Block on a barge in the middle of the San Francisco Bay! Europe's "The Final Countdown" is soaring on a crystal cloud of upswept synth-brass, and Ken is hooning his ass off on that barge! It's the teaser for Gymkhana 5, coming out July 9. CAN YOU FEEL THE GAAAAAAAAGH!


Ken's people say gusty winds belied the calm bay waters, giving KEN BLOCK! a opportunity to turn a few donuts around a fork lift, setting off a dust cloud that hopefully didn't scare anyone, or make the late Otis Redding stop whistling, which would naturally have unmoored Alcatraz and slammed it straight up Russian Hill.

We can only imagine what he's got planned.

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