Watch A $20,000 Suzuki Kick A $170,000 Range Rover's Ass Off-Road

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I love riding around in a loaded Range Rover as much as the next well-dressed fox hunting enthusiast, but there’s something deeply satisfying about watching the humblest of sport utilities stick it to aristocrat of off-roading.

The Suzuki Jimny is a 2,300 pound vehicle with two solid axles and a legit low-range transfer case. In other words, it’s an ideal formula for building a deft off-roader. The Range Rover Autobiography can do a lot to compensate for its heft and low-profile tires with technology, but even the fanciest traction control system can’t beat physics.

Autocar’s Dan Prosser and Matt Prior are fun to watch whipping these two iconic SUVs around an English off-road park, and I think this is a pretty solid send-off to the Suzuki Jimny which will apparently be getting its first significant redesign since 1998 within the next year.

Between having just experienced the $90,000 Toyota Land Cruiser and watching this I really wish the Jimny, which starts at $18,000 in England, were still available here.


Or, shoot, maybe I just just move across the Atlantic so I can own one. Forget a Defender, this adorable little Suzuki is the true bushwhacker of the people.