When Mazda debuted the sexy new Mazda6 sedan at the Moscow Auto Show in late August, they did so with a video that showed the decidedly un-beige midsizer driving through the desert accompanied by cellists playing a Kinks song.


The thing is, Mazda came out this week and announced the video for the 2014 Mazda6 was filmed without a 2014 Mazda6. As Mazda explains in this photoset on their official Facebook page, filming began months ago before the actual new car was available.

So the clever folks at Mazda took two red 2012 models, did one of them up with special tracking markers, then used computer graphics and editing to make it look like a 2014 model. Not too shabby.

But wait a second. Take a closer look at those tracking markers. They look a little bit like pentagrams or some other type of demonic symbol. (Maybe even the Triforce.) At any rate, they seem to indicate something supernatural was at work here.


Perhaps Mazda strapped these symbols to the cars, then used them to call forth some kind of dark magic that would disguise the sedan as the 2014 model. Which sounds more plausible to you? Based on my general lack of understanding of science, I think I'll go with devil magic.

In the meantime, I've invented a new tagline for the car. "The 2014 Mazda6: FUELED BY SATAN." Yeah, I'd buy one of those, even if it isn't a diesel wagon.


Photo credit Mazda/maxkalehoff

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