Aussie auto journalist Thomas Reynolds knows of Jalopnik's painful love affair-from-a-distance with the Aussie-only 603 HP, V8-Powered G8-mimicking Walkinshaw Holden SS-V Superwagon. So he snagged one and went to Walkinshaw's shop to demand they bring it to us!

As you can see in the video, the folks at Walkinshaw are willing to convert one to LHD and send it back to us... for a price. Tom also shot a set of photos he's shared with us, which is both kind of him and also sort of torturous.


Tom's a Melbourne, Australia-based automotive journalist who freelances in motorsport. He also works for the Holden Racing Team in the V8 Supercar series and gets to drive Falcons and Commodore V8s on a sickeningly regular basis. You can follow him on Twitter or at his website.

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