Wagoner Says G****l W*****g Not A Crock Of Something

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Let's put our hands together for Rick Wagoner, the CEO and Chairman of General Motors, who just discovered how to clean up after his s**t-loving Vice-Chairman, "Maximum" Bob Lutz. It was exactly a month ago when we first told you about product czar "Maximum" Bob's claim that global warming was simply a crock of...you know...stuff and finally Wagoner is ready to touch on the topic. Wagoner told reporters in Washington that Lutz's comments about global warming "weren't coming out of the company."


When asked what he thought about global warming, Wagoner essentially said that the temperature is indeed rising. Yes, Wagoner, winter is fading for spring, I would hope the temperature would rise. I'll admit, I'm being a little rough on him and for that, I apologize for my crockery. [via WSJ]

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The whole problem stems from the fact that heretics fail to heed the truth of the Papal Bull stating that the world is flat. This one sin has brought us the concept of a 'globe' and some such talk of it 'warming'. Well, Hell is plenty warm. Coincidence? I think not.