Bob Lutz on Global Warming: "Total Crock of Shit"

Illustration for article titled Bob Lutz on Global Warming: Total Crock of Shit

Agree or disagree with the sentiments of GM's product czar Bob Lutz, you have to respect him for his frankness. In our experience, it's fairly easy to identify a total crock of shit like global warming once you take into consideration the complex interactions of geophysics, global weather patterns and complex high atmosphere chemistry involved in climate change, which Lutz surely has. We're not here to make a statement on the science of climate change, and if Lutz wants to sell us shitboxes like the Cobalt and giant SUV's with mild hybrid systems stuffed into them all while flying his fighter jet around for shits and giggles we're fine with that. But then again, if the Vice Chairman of Global Product Development thinks this about climate change, it kind of makes a lot of GM's latest marketing a total crock of shit, too. [via D Magazine]


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Rob Emslie

BREAKING NEWS: Robert Lutz declares stars to be nothing more than pinholes punched in black-painted cardboard about 30 feet up. I think his statement has about the same credibility as the Tobacco execs touting the healthful aspects of cigarettes.