Wagon Wars: Which Über-Wagon Would You Rather Drive?

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There's been a lot of wacky wagon action going on around us over the past 24 hours. We've seen the pre-Frankfurt Auto Show reveals of both the new 580 HP Audi RS6 Avant and the new 457 HP Mercedes C 63 AMG Estate both shoot by us, showing off some incredible hotness. While we're assuming just on a power comparison alone that the new C63 AMG wagon would easily be schooled by the Audi RS6 Avant, we're wondering what the competition might look like if Mercedes dropped a pretty little 600 HP AMG-customized DTM wagon into the mix. Let's presuppose such a wagon exists — if it did, which über-sports wagon would you prefer to drive? Or maybe you'd just prefer a nice beer wagon?


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Al Navarro

I'm kind of over the horsepower war thing, despite the recent dip in the price of gas.

Can I through the BTCC 850 Estate in the mix?