A Pre-Frankfurt Auto Show Unveiling For The Audi RS6 Avant!

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Because our good friend Zerin hearts us, we've got you some shots of the new Audi RS6 Avant speed wagon well before it's unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Don't say we didn't pass all 580 hp (maybe even more than 600 according to some sources) of that love right on to ya from the RS6 Avant's V10 Twin Turbo TFSI engine. We're nothing if not sharers of the high horsepower. UPDATE: We've got the official press release with all of the official power numbers here.

[via Dubspeed]



Wow. It certainly makes my 2003 Allroad look outdated.

How do you improve on a twin-turbo V8? Go FSI and add two cylinders to the mix. Nice.

My heart is racing more than when I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar as a brunette for the first time.