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Bear-Shark it ain't, but hit play to see a Volkswagen SpaceFox commercial starring the Fish-Dog (or maybe Dog-Fish), the strangest animal hybrid combination since ManBearPig.


Almapp BBDO of San Paulo, Brazil created this interesting spot for the South American VW SpaceFox. At the end of the ad a tagline is shown saying the SpaceFox can be "anything you imagine," but its not quite a hybrid so we're a bit confused by the connotation. If it could be anything we'd imagine, we'd make the SpaceFox a fauxrrari and promote it with the way more badass hybridized human-dog. Regardless, its a creative piece of advertising that somehow makes us crave sashimi after watching.


Don't stand by me little dog-fish, you're creeping me out.

[via YouTube]

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