CNN Revisits Italian Fauxrrari Forgeries

Proving once again the speed with which stories are cycled through in a 24-hour-news-cycle network, CNN has decided to run coverage on the gang of Italian Ferrari forgers we brought you back in February. The in-depth coverage includes pointing to, and comparing pictures of, a real Ferrari 328 GTS against the real fake example. Italian-accented experts remark on how good the outside is, then point out how poorly-executed the interior and engine are. Honestly, as far as Fierarris go, this one isn't too bad, and the dimmer among us would probably fall for the fakery unless giving it a more than a passing glance. [CNN]



$130k for a 308? Whomever is paying that is getting ripped off, too.

a nice 308 gts ought to go for $30k-$50k depending on year/condition.

Oddly, it's about what they said the replica sells for.

Again, I've never seen anyone selling a Fierrari trying to pass it off as a real Ferrari. People buy/build/drive the kitcars to try to fool passing motorists, not potential buyers.