VW limits first U.S. Golf R imports to 1,000 copies, all in red

It took an outcry from Volkswagen's most hard-core U.S. fans to convince the Teutonic transporter that the 266 hp and all-wheel-drive GOlf R. They'll have to act fast, since only 1,000 will be sold — and only in red.


These figures come courtesy of Jalopnik commenter Foolio1, who's been staying in touch with his local dealer about when he could expect the hot hatch. His dealer sent an email today saying reservations would begin in July, and dropping the news of the color and sales limits.

Does the mean VW has gone to the trouble of promising two- and four-door varieties of the Golf R and showing it in blue in most product shots just to screw with their fans? Color us a little surprised. We've reached out to VW to see if this is true or not.

UPDATE: As suspected, VW confirms this is is just a pre-order and more colors will be available.

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