Volkswagen To Free Golf R In U.S. For 2012

Illustration for article titled Volkswagen To Free Golf R In U.S. For 2012

Volkswagen says the hot Euro Golf R will arrive upon American shores in 2012 with an expected 266-hp turbo 2-liter engine and all-wheel-drive intact, with an option for two or four doors. Willkommen!


All the press release tell us is to expect it with the following accoutrements:

Key attributes:
• 2.0L turbocharged engine with significant hp increase over GTI
• 4th generation Haldex 4Motion - all wheel drive
• Increased rotor diameter translating to improved braking
• Sport tuned ESP
• Upgraded sport tuned suspension
• 2 door or 4 door
• Manual Transmission Only
• Unique 18" alloy wheels
• Unique steering wheel
• Unique interior trim
• Exterior R model badge and bodykit
• R model shift knob
• R model door sills
• R model front and rear fascia with dual, center exit, exhaust

We're expecting it to drop at next month's Detroit Auto Show, but no official word from VW on whether that's spot-on for the sheet to be whipped off the top.



what about the r32? no more?