VW Golf Twin Drive Plug-In Hybrid Diesel Makes Prius Look Thirsty

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The combination of a fuel-sipping diesel engine with plug-in hybrid technology is something that hasn't really been utilized — until now. This is the Volkswagen Golf Twin Drive Concept, and it looks even more promising than VW's late Golf TDI Hybrid from Geneva. Evidently, the Twin Drive can be run in electric-only mode for a range of up to 30 miles using an 82 HP electric motor. But, there's also a 2.0-liter turbo-diesel that makes 122 HP which can take over once the batteries have been drained. When the two powerplants combine, you become Captain Planet have a parallel hybrid with about 174 HP. The range is aided even further by regenerative braking to charge the batteries, and start-stop technology that shuts the engine off when idling in traffic. But is all of this just a techno' showcase? Or will it actually be made available for normal people to save fuel with?


Well, Volkswagen will work with the German government in experimenting with a fleet of 20 Twin Drive Golfs in 2010. Though evidently the Twin Drive just isn't green enough as is, so to further reduce emissions, the electrical energy required to charge the batteries of the experimental fleet will be generated from green resources such as windmills and hydro-electric dams. Of course, there are no plans for US export, or for any production at all at this point. But even though we're more easily excited about speed than with being green, we would totally rock one of these as a daily driver.

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Rob Emslie

When I first read the head line I thought it was a twin engine Golf, like the old Twini-Mini. Sadly, it's just another pie in the sky, you can't buy it now Concept.

Okay, Volkswagen, bring it on. Try and sell us something that gets ludicrously high mileage. Build it so the windows will still go up and down after a year, and price it where normal people can buy it, not just Audi-level purchasers with something to prove. Make them fun to drive, you know how to do that.

We'll do our part and buy them

Thank you, you can go now.