We've seen bits of evidence that Volvo's future powertrain strategy will incorporate both diesel engines and hybrid drivetrains, but Automotive News now provides more detail on Volvo's evolving propulsion plans. Larger sedans and SUVs will be targeted first, with their V8 engines replaced by a diesel five-cylinder engine powering the front wheels and an electric motor driving the rear wheels. Magnus Jonsson, Volvo's senior VP of R&D also said "a plug-in variant will come 'very quickly' after the initial hybrid arrives. While big Volvos will see major changes, smaller Volvos will also be receiving mileage-enhancing technologies. Volvo is looking at making turbo V6 engines standard-issue on high-line vehicles, replacing V8s and likely serving as the "base" engine alternative to the hybrid/diesel powertrain. Such a strategy would go hand-in-hand with Ford's EcoBoost turbo DI engine plan. Also, expect stop/start technology to begin showing up on smaller Volvo vehicles as early as next year, with eventual propagation across the line. [Automotive News; Sub. Req.]