Electric Oil Burner: Volvo Working on a Diesel Hybrid C30

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According to Germany's Autobild, Volvo's working up a diesel hybrid version of its new C30 hatch, which the company will show off at Michelin's annual alternative energy fest, Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai later in 2007. It'll be a series hybrid, where the engine turns a generator that can either charge the batteries or power an electric motor that drives the transmission. But the internal combustion engine in this case will be a diesel, and the system may have plug-in capability. No word on whether the car will be a concept, or for series production, but company reps say Volvo is serious about bringing the car to market. But are they serious serious?


Report: Volvo Working on a C30 Hybrid Concept [egmCarTech]

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And for commuters in cool climates, have built-in to the climate control a timer-thermostat that automatically starts your heater/defroster in the morning so the car is warm and and fog free when you get in it. Drain on the batteries? Duh, the thing's plugged in until you drive it off.