Volvo Recalls 200 New XC90s Because Of The Front Seat Side Airbags

It’s a wire insulation issue. Seriously people, what’s up with the wiring? Just use more duct tape for crying out loud!


Apparently, most of the affected 200ish XC90s were delivered in Sweden, but some made it to other parts of Europe and the US as well. No word on whether those are the First Edition cars or regular XC90 T6s:

The issue is related to a wire harness which is fitted in the front seats. An incorrect assembly has resulted in some cars having this wire installed in a way which may result in the wire insulation being damaged. Should this occur, the driver would immediately have a warning message displayed in the instrument cluster with instructions to take the car to a workshop. Damages to the wire harness may result in the front seat side airbags not functioning as intended.

No incidents have been reported related to this issue. There is no risk of the side airbags deploying by mistake due to this issue.

Well, that’s more of an inconvenience than a safety issue, but since it’s Volvo we are talking about here, I’m sure all members of the board are kneeling on corn somewhere as we speak.


In related Volvo seat news, I want one as my new office chair. Please. It can even have faulty airbags. That shouldn’t effect my health sitting at my desk.

Photo credit: Volvo


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