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There Are 223 Porsche 918 Spyders In The US Right Now

Illustration for article titled There Are 223 Porsche 918 Spyders In The US Right Now

I know this because Porsche issued a global recall for its $850,000 hypercar for the third time due to a wiring issue. Basically, the company is forcing owners to drive their cars regularly. To the dealership.


Americans ordered 297 of the 918 cars Porsche has sold, which means with 223 already delivered, at least 74 cars were already fixed right at the factory. Otherwise, the re-wiring will take about half a day according to Porsche North America.


The 918’s latest problem is that the radiator fan’s electric wiring harness “can be damaged by a carbon-fiber component”. Porsche will examine and optimally remount said harness free of charge of course.

The Porsche 918 Spyder was sold out by the end of November retailing at $847,000 without such goodies as the Weissach Package, which added magnesium wheels, six-point harnesses, fireproof seats, Alcantara and lots of exposed carbon fiber. It also made the car 88 pounds lighter. That’s half a Chris Harris!

That’s a lot of 918 Spyders on US soil, so happy hunting out there! It’s a gorgeous car.


Photo credit: Nam Inthidet


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297 * $850,000 = $252,450,000

I’m going to cry.

I could only afford maybe 1/10000th of a 918 ($85). What would that be, like one LED bulb, by Porsche standards?