Volvo 240chero!

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Thanks to Schweppes, the Windsor-based commenter who shot the Forward Control Land Rover for us a while back, we now get to see this solid-looking Volvo 240 with pickup bed. Since Ford owns Volvo, that makes this cartruck a -chero rather than an -amino or -ampage. Make the jump to hear what Schweppes has to say about this fine machine.


These are scans of 35mm pictures I took a couple of years ago and I thought they might fit in with the other one-off pickup conversions that have been featured on Jalopnik. The used car lot visible in the background of the second shot is this truck's home; they used to be a Volvo dealer but had their franchise pulled in the mid '90s when Volvo decided to move up market (the lot is small, and the neighbourhood isn't great). The guy who owns the dealership still has a number of used Volvos around and also owns a few low mileage Volvos from the '50s/early '60s in his personal collection but its been a few years since I dropped by and I can't recall the exact models.

This truck usually had dealer plates on it, and I expect it was used as a parts/delivery vehicle. I have no idea what engine is under the hood (likely still a Volvo unit), but a quick look through the window revealed an automatic transmission. Hopefully somebody with a better knowledge of Volvos can tell us what year (mid '80s?) and body style (Wagon?) this started out as.

Overall the pickup conversion is pretty clean, with the biggest giveaway being the 2 license plate mounting areas. If I had some spare cash to throw around it would be tempting to make the dealer an offer and then swap in a 4.6L or 5.0L Ford, or a Chevy 350 to create a compact and practical daily driver.



Why go through all that trouble and leave the license plate pocket in the front of the "bed" from the old hatch? Weird.

That is pretty hot though, especially with the rear wiper.