Welcome To Canada: Land Rover 101 Forward Control

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We might tend to think of Windsor, Ontario, as the home of the Ford 351 Windsor engine, but it's also home to a fine example of the British answer to the Pinzgauer. Eagle-eyed reader Schweppes spotted this Land Rover 101 Forward Control being used as an advertising platform at the University of Windsor, and had the presence of mind to produce camera and proceed with the snapping. Make the jump to hear Schweppes' take on this highly practical urban commuter and view the gallery...

I thought you might find these photos interesting - Landrover's take on a vehicle similar to the Pinzgauer and Unimog that you've already posted. You don't see many older Landrovers around in Ontario, and this is the first time I've seen a 101 Forward Control.
I found this truck parked near the University of Windsor's campus being used as a mobile billboard. It's sort of a sad end for a military truck, and I hope that it finds its way off road at least occasionally (maybe the owner is trying to justify writing it off as a business expense?). The street that the Landrover is parked on is a controlled parking zone and is surrounded by student housing, so the truck's owner likely owns one or more rental properties in the area and is using a parking permit assigned to one of them.
Here's the requisite wikipedia link and another article on the 101.

Thanks, Schweppes!

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Silly Canadians - they spelled Center wrong on the Education building.