Volkswagen's Next SUV Looks So Anonymous They Disguised It As A Kia

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This appears to be Volkswagen’s next SUV, either a long-wheelbase China-only version of the Tiguan, or VW’s future Crossblue big crossover. It’s hard to tell, because it’s so dull that VW disguised it as a Kia.

These pictures turned up on VWVortex and CarNewsChina, originally sourced (I believe) from Chinese site The former believes this is a Tiguan, the latter believes this is a future Crossblue.

All I think is interesting is that VW put what is clearly a Kia grill, along with fake Kia-lookalike headlights and taillights as a means of obscuring what car this really is.


What’s funny is the VW looks so anonymous there’s hardly any difference.