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Volkswagen of America, Inc. today announced July 2007 sales of 19,653 vehicles, representing a decrease of 13.1 percent over July 2006 unit sales of 22,627. [Volkswagen]


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this news in and of itself shouldn't matter too much. the fact that they don't really have any products selling like hotcakes should help you moreso. The GTI is a fairly strong seller for them, but you should be able to get invoice IMO (assuming you're not going for one of their "limited edition" models like the Farenheit GTI or something)

Bold prediction: When they finally release the diesels next year and all that pent up demand buys em right away, look for lots of "Sales up 70%!" press releases. Once that pent up demand is taken care of, i bet 2009 will be flat or down. But over the next 12 months every newspaper car pundit will say "Diesels are back!" and it'll be the next E85 hype -> hangover