Vityaz Transporter, The Final Word In Post-Apocalyptic Transport

Let's say you need to drive through the remnants of a thermonuclear apocalypse — you know, dystopian nightmare type of stuff. Sure, you could hop into a GAZ 59037A, or any of the others included in our top ten list of the best post-apocalyptic survival vehicles, but would it really be able to pull out an errant tank mired in snow? Probably not. Because that's the point where you'll wish you'd decided on the Vityaz Transporter. Capable of going basically anywhere under basically any condition, the DT-30 is capable of carrying thirty-ton payloads and remain afloat while doing it. Do we even have to mention the zombie-crushing capabilities? [Youtube]


Jeff Glucker

@rgseidl: nice... the clip I really wanted was from The Hunt for Red October, when the crew is singing after they get their orders... I think its the National Anthem, but I am not positive...