Russian Used Cars Are Much Better Than Ours: GAZ 59037A

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Ever wish you had something a little more substantial than the ridiculous Ford F650, but you're looking for something with a military flair? Perhaps a bit more intimidating to keep those overzealous tailgater's off your back side? Might we interest you in this compelling GAZ 59037A? It's the civilian version of Russia's GAZ BTR 80 armored troop carrier. Fitted with all the modern amenities such as fold flat seating, DVD player, panoramic skylights, a 10.85L supercharged V8, good for 260 hp and 578 lb.ft. of torque, nearly half a meter of ground clearance and let's not forget, it floats. We seem to have convinced you, might we interest you in the available central tire inflation system? If you're interested in further details, pay a visit to this site, if you're good with Russian, go here. (Ed - We're going to get so much crazy email over this)

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Some of the old Unimogs in the Turkish military were auctioned off a couple years ago. A decomissioned snowplough equipped 6 wheeler went for 2 grand. Imagine the phun.

Can Jalopnik find any more info on the YAK? It's a Russian snow vehicle manufactured using a regular truck or somethingorother fitted with airplane wheels and tyres/innertubes so it can travel the vast tundra of Siberia and float from iceberg to iceberg.