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Yesterday you all got a gander at the wiped out B210. A commenter who goes by the suspicious handle of "Kelly" earlier asked:

Why would he not conitnue???

The car is *still* in better shape than some of the others were, at the start of the race!

All the tires appear to hold air, none of the wheels are horribly outta whack, at least it's not obvious... You gotta figure anything which was loose inside has been shaken out, so, if anything, it'll be lighter and ever faster than before!!! So a top speed of maybe, what, 37 MPH?


Here's the deal...

I ran into the driver who rolled the B210. Apparently, the wheels are designed to handle 185 tires. However, they were running 225s. That said, he thinks the right rear wheel may have cracked. He felt the B210 shudder, tried to correct once or twice and the next thing he knew the is driver's side door pointing at the sky. Did he roll it? He thinks so, once or twice. Long story short, this Datsun is done for the weekend. As you can see, it has health problems. The SE-R team told me it was a good thing the Datsun wrecked when it did, because if the red flag hadn't gone up, they would have lost that front wheel. Once the flag came out, they were able to limp into the pits. Post script — the engine will be pulled and stuck into their next car. We love these guys.

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