This is racing! It's about 37 degrees out. There are no spectators here; no fans, just the drivers and the crews. Yet the teams aren't quitting. Unless they are forced to. Like the SE-R, which somehow lost 3 of its 4 studs on the right front wheel. That's metal fatigue for you. Team Dilligaf got three black flags for excessive hoonage, as did the former front runners in the #87 MR2. Other than that, it's just the usual series of brakes, radiators, gaskets and, well, radiators. Pit party starts in 15 minutes. TOTAL COVERAGE continues...

Pssst, check out the water squirting up in the lower right corner. No, they didn't know why either.


Bad hoon. This guy spun team Dilligaf's CRX enough times to collect 3, count 'em 3, black flags. He's blaming the mud. Uh huh, sure. And yes Davey, the Rockford Pile Transfiremaro is A-OK.