Virginia DMV Revokes 'F OSAMA' License Plate

As far as can be told, the Virginia DMV personalized license plate division seems to be staffed by Puritanical orangutans with shame-addled filthy minds. They've had many grand victories in the past, from the simply humorless to actively calling a soccer mom a disgusting pervert. This time, they're taking Rick Sander's personalized plate after seven years with no known complaints.


The plate reads "FOSAMA" and the owner's self-applied period after the "F" encourages readers to come to their own conclusions. Based on the name and historical context, most people will likely think "Fuck Osama", though "Forget" or "Fear" or "Fry" or "Fellate" or even "Festoon" could be possible. It's one letter, after all. The sentiment isn't particularly profound, but it's hard to imagine a Virginian who'd actually be offended.

In fact, based on this logic, almost any presence of "F" can be taken as profane. If an F precedes, say, a string of numbers like 473, what's to stop you thinking of "Fuck 473? What's 473 ever done for me?" One can understand the desire to keep actually offensive or hateful material off license plates, but this is clearly making an issue out of nothing.

Even better, the replacement license plate sent to Sanders, who seems to be a man of religious conviction, reads "6668UP." As Sanders says "I don't like anything with 666 on it."

So, if we use the Virginia DMV's own standards of reading vastly too much into things, we can clearly conclude the Virginia DMV is a Pro-Al Qaeda Satanic organization. Good work, fellas!


(Hat tip to Matt!)

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