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VIDEO: On-Board A Drag Racing Crash

A 2.2-liter GM Ecotec 4-cylinder turbocharged to 48psi of boost for 1600-hp blows a head gasket in a drag rail and spills coolant all over the tires. That's bad. The car rolls as we watch via on-board camera.

It's no surprise really that a four-banger belting out nearly 800 horsepower per liter would blow up eventually. We're suspecting the driver at the helm would've preferred it any other time, but it's going to happen under moments of greatest stress. It also gives you a pretty good perspective on how important the lattice work of roll cage protection is.
(Thanks for the tip cr125shifter!)


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C³ - Cool Cadillac Cat

A 2.2L Ecotec putting out 1,600 HP?

No wonder the video is it April Fool's already???