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Video: Batmobile Hits The Track At Silverstone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We told you this past week the Batmobile would be taking some laps at Silverstone, with Panasonic Toyota Racing's Formula 1 car team spending some time this weekend running alongside at the track. Now we've got the video to prove that still shot wasn't some kind of hallucination. Don't expect a lot of screeching tires and hard and fast 'round the bend action. Do expect a lot of Panasonic Toyota Racing drivers Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli hamming it up with the Tumbler and the BatPod — which apparently, from what we hear, almost no one can successfully drive. Although Trulli looking like he's searching for the ignition. Still, setting aside the fact that it's fairly lame B-roll in the action department, we've got to say the current incarnation of the Batmobile's the coolest one conceived — even if we don't get to see it taking Silverstone like it deserves to be taken. Sure makes the KITT-like night vision on the 2009 BMW 7-Series look like a kiddie toy, don't it? [via Panasonic Toyota Racing]