VIDEO: 2010 BMW X1 Drifts Through The Snow

The 2010 BMW X1 mini-crossover-suv-urban-activity-wagon is an inevitability with the release of this official "spy" video ahead of the expected reveal at the Geneva Motor Show.

As BMW insists on segmenting its product lineup, the X1, based off the BMW X1 concept, is the latest in their assault on reason, slotted somewhere between a 3-series wagon, the BMW X3 and heck, let's just throw the X6 in as well. Then there's the BMW Progressive Activity Vehicle concept on the way, so who knows where all these fat-bottomed "Ultimate driving machines" end up.

Anyway, the X1 is expected to debut at the pending 2009 Geneva Motor Show with a version of the xDrive all-wheel-drive system, gadget-ridden center consoles and a 3.0-liter straight-six from the 128i. We're also hearing about a possible four cylinder rumored under development. [BMW via World Car Fans]

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layabout inventor of batshit crazy

Bangle may have left the building,but the ugly strokes left from his pencil will haunt us all for years. All the snow in the world can't hide that ugly.

Doesn't Bangle know at the other end of that pencil is an eraser for such mistakes.