BMW PAS Concept Video Invents Yet Another WTF-UV Segment

BMW just released this video revealing the PAS concept and yet another new segment: "It's not a sedan, SUV, station wagon. Something new, 100% BMW." Seriously? What, did BMW decide the X6 wasn't weird-looking enough?

The video carries us through a stream of conscious design process in cartoon form, gently dancing around the points which say "we're building a fancy minivan" with so much marketingspeak you'll need hip waders to watch it. That's not to say this new WTF-UV they're hinting at doesn't have some innovative features. From the video, it seems whatever it is will feature a panoramic sunroof which would be a first in a minivan (unless you count the R-Class, which Mercedes wishes we didn't), and enclosed interior cargo area and a sloping tumblehome at the rear which allows for a sort of trunk within the tailgate, or at least that's what it seems in the video. Of course, everything is "luxury" this and "first class" that, but at the end of the day it sure sounds like we're talking about a fancy minivan here, no matter how hard BMW tries not to say it. Sure, call it the PAS or whatever, which by the way, stands for Progressive Activity Sedan. Whatever, it still sounds like a minivan to us.


Given the timing on the video, we're expecting this concept will be revealed at either the 2009 Geneva Motor Show or the Frankfurt Motor Show.


[via Youtube]

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