Valet Named Gordon Belcher Arrested For Drunkenly Joyriding In Reggie Wayne's Bentley

The Colts' Reggie Wayne dropped off his 2007 Bentley at a valet in Indianapolis on Saturday night. When he went to pick up his baller status ride on Sunday morning, he found it was gone, taken, and drunk driven by the hotel's 21-year-old valet.

That's probably not what he expected.

Wayne told police he dropped off his Bentley at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis around 6:30 PM Saturday night. The valet who took his car, 21-year-old Gunner Belcher, never clocked out when he left work at 9 PM that night.


At 2 AM, some cops found Belcher a few blocks away from the hotel, drunk driving the Bentley. By noon on Sunday, the cops had figured out that the Bentley was Wayne's and returned it. At least it wasn't wrecked, as other valets have done.

All in all, this is yet another reason why we will never let a valet park our car, ever.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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